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100% Footprint Free

PBNs are the ultimate secret to dominate search engine rankings, but managing a large private blog network isn't that easy. And we are here to help you set up the most-secure PBN within a couple of minutes!

PBN Hosting FAQ

Unlike other PBN hosting providers, your each blog is hosted on a unique server, with a unique IP address and it is hosted in an entirely unique hosting provider's data center. Apart from this, the DNS management is left entirely on you to ensure that no footprints are ever left. This makes ServerPack the most secure PBN hosting solution existing in the market.

Our services are based on a pay as you go pricing model. You will be charged per blog and only for the duration the blog was active. We don't impose any monthly or yearly billing contracts on our customers.

We can host as many blogs as you need on unique servers in unique geographical regions. As we are using cloud hosting providers and ISPs, expanding the network is blazing fast and super-easy.

You get the SSH/SFTP login and MySQL database credentials. But as we offer a one-click WordPress deployment tool, the SSH and SFTP access will be needed by you in rare occassions.

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