Updated September 08, 2019

Terms of Service

Version 1.1

Here at ServerPack, we strongly require our customers to follow the terms of our service. Violating our terms of service may result in permanent or a temporary termination of your services.

Prohibited Content:
Hosting copyrighted material on our services is strongly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to, hosting clonned version of websites, pirated software and adult content.

Malicious Activities:
If any of the website is found to perform malicious activities, i.e. bruteforce attacks on external sites, DDoS attacks, and so on, the website will be suspended instantly.

Fair Usage Policy:
To give freedom to our customers, we don't impose a lot of restrictions on resources, but we recommend you to keep the data size of each blog under 1GB. If a website goes beyond that limit, you will be notified and you will be asked to reduce the disk usage. Similary, we don't impose any limits on bandwidth, but if a website continues consuming more than 150GB each month, we may ask you to pay an extra fee for the bandwidth usage.

You should periodically visit this page to keep yourself up to date with our terms of service. If you have any concerns or confusions on our terms of service, please send an email at support@serverpack.io.